Ponderisim #678

Out of all the trends I like “hipster” the the most. Pardon the cliche but it was kool before “it was kool before it was kool”. It was. It was the successful growth of appearance of the near-nobodies and was honed into something nifty. Though, of course, with most trends… some aspects are wrong and overplayed without understanding. For example, the Native American stuff. Yes, its awesome that the Native Americans are getting some recognition! Yes, they look neat. I like it too, but… you have to be careful. Too many of you are offending the culture. “I have 1/8th Cherokee blah blah blah, so its okay.” No. I have 2/5ths of Cherokee and others that I don’t remember right now, but that doesn’t make it okay for me to walk around in a headdress. They look awesome, but women don’t wear them and the feathers must be earned. And for the love of God, please stay away from the tattoos. Be careful what you get lest you get some dirty looks from a native, or at least some eye rolling. I think I remember seeing Selena Gomez as one of the firsts of the trend. She went to some hippie fest and donned some vaguely native looking attire. “Yup. Here we go. The next thing.” So, with all this said, always educate yourself before following the crowd. You may end up accidentally offending someone. And if you do want to pay some sort of homage to a culture, look up what you can do to help.
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